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andrew mashkov

This review almost entirely echoes my own thoughts. Quite frankly, the RA should be ashamed of the layout, the labelling and the failure to light properly. It was reminiscent of dull, badly thought-out museum exhibition styles of many decades ago. That said, there are some absolutely exquisite items in the show - so I probably would not agree to give the exhibition a miss - but WHAT a wasted opportunity! During my visit (thankfully not too crowded) all the problems referred to above were evident - and, most surprisingly, some other visitors also grumbled to me about these things! That has never happened before, and shows how widely these feelings must have been felt.
If the curator who 'designed' the exhibition works for the RA, I think serious consideration should be given to limiting their involvement in future exhibition planning.
My companion and I decided that the exhibition would have been improved by having fewer exhibits more carefully arranged, lit and labelled. This really was an 'embarrassment of riches'.
Go, by all means, but please do not let the obvious limitations of the exhibition put you off learning about the splenours of this ancient culture and empire.

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